West Control Solutions will provide continuity and quality as Britain plans to leave the EU in March

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 06 February 2019

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Negotiations regarding the UK government leaving the EU remain ongoing for the time being. Unfortunately, this may result in uncertainty in supply and demand, trade, and customs for many of our loyal partners.

To help minimize the impact, West Control Solutions will press forward in providing continuity of product and ensuring you receive orders without delay. To do so, we plan to monitor the political situation closely, increase inventory of components at our facility, prepare our logistics teams, and increase inventory of manufactured goods at our UK and German sites.

In addition, we ask that you consider taking certain measures of your own to lessen the impact of the quickly approaching negotiation deadlines. We expect to see a surge in product demand due to the uncertainty of the upcoming deadlines. To avoid extended lead times, relaying your product needs to us in the month of February is essential. Currently, our product inventory is stocked to capacity and deliveries continue on a regular schedule. After this month, we are unable to guarantee that you will see your expected lead times due to the political negotiations at hand. 

Our priority is to provide our customers with ongoing service and supply without disruption, regardless of the developments and outcomes of the UK and EU negotiations.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any of your needs regarding product or our plans moving forward.

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