Associations and Affiliations

The importance of industry associations to bring together companies working in a similar environment and with shared objectives is recognised by West Control Solutions. Such groups provide a number of services to their members including PR, lobbying and collaboration. Importantly trade associations often work to ensure standardisation is achieved across the service or product providing confidence to its members of product and service quality.

West Control Solutions is a member of a number of associations, demonstrating its suitability through delivering high quality, relevant products and also its commitment to serving members of the group with excellent customer service. For more information on quality please visit the quality management processes section of the website.

As West Control Solutions is committed to delivering products with exceptional quality, it undertakes various laboratory testing and assessments of its products to ensure they meet the relevant regional standards. Below are listed the key associations that West Control Solutions regularly works with for approvals. For individual product certification and safety approval details please visit the specific product page.

To provide the highest level of usability and flexibility for its portfolio of products, West Control Solutions has also worked closely with providers of industry standards such as communications protocols to attain compatibility.

Please see below for a full list of the associations and affiliations that West Control Solutions is connected to.

Industry Associations

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

SPI - The Society of the Plastics Industry



Association of High Technology Distribution

Affiliations – Industry Standards

Canadian Standards Organization (CSA)

Conformite Europeene

International Organization for Standardization

FM Global Inc.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL).