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Blue Control


V.3.6 SR4

Engineering Tool for KS20-1, ..., KS92-1, TB40-1, KS800, KS816, Dig280-1, KS vario, CI45, KS45, SG45, TB45, RL400, ProVU4, CAL4600, ...
BlueLoader V2.2SR2 Download software for KS20-1, ..., KS92-1, TB40-1, KS800, KS816, Dig280-1, KS vario, CI45, KS45, RL400 (only for downloading a configuration to a controller, configuration can not be changed)
USB-TTL-Adapter V18.10.2013 Driver for USB-TTL-Adapter for Engineering Tools, inclusive Readme. For BlueControl (except KSvario), ET/KS94, ET/KS98.
BlueControl Datasheet 51213 Datasheet for BlueControl software

KS 90-1

KS90-1 GSD V1.0 GSD File for PROFIBUS (KS90-1, KS92-1)
KS 90-1 GSD V2.1 GSD File for PROFIBUS DPV1 (KS 90-1, KS92-1)

Rail Line

Rail Line GSDML
V2.34 GSDML file for PROFINET (Rail Line)
Rail Line GSD V2.1 GSD file for PROFIBUS DPV1
Rail Line EDS V1.0 EDS File for CANopen (RL 40 CAN) 


BlueEdit V1.0.2 Profile editor for KS 108 Easy

KS vario

KS vario GSD V1.2 GSD file for PROFIBUS DPV1
KS vario GSDML  V2.25 GSDML file for PROFINET
KS vario DN EDS V1.1 EDS file for DeviceNet
KS vario CAN EDS EDS file CANopen
KS vario IP EDS EDS file for IP Ethernet
vario EC BV4 Sample engineerings for varioEC mini

KS 94

ET/KS 94 V5.0 SR2 Engineering tool for KS 94
SIM/KS 94 V4.0 SR3 Simulation software for KS94 (Simulates the KS94 on a PC)
KS 94 GSD V2.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS

KS 98

ET/KS 98 V7.0 SR4 Engineering Tool for KS 98, KS98-1 and KS 98-2
SIM/KS98-2 V7.1 SR1 Simulation software for KS 98-2 (Simulates KS 98-2 on a PC)
V1.0 SR1 Custom settings of KS98-2
LOG/KS98-2 V1.1 SR1 Evaluation software for KS 98-2 Logger data
ET/KS98plus V6.1 SR5 Engineering Tool for KS 98 and KS98-1
SIM/KS 98 V6.2 SR2 Simulation software for KS 98 and KS 98-1 (Simulates the KS 98 and KS 98-1 on a PC)
DL/KS 98 V2.3 SR2  KS98: Operating versions 1...9, KS98-1: Operating versions 1...2.
KS 98 GSD V2.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS (KS 98, KS98-1)

KS 800

KS 800 GSD V2.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS
KS 816 GSD V1.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS
KS800-DN EDS V1.1 EDS file for Devicenet
KS800-DN EDS V2.1 EDS-Datei for Devicenet
KS800-CAN EDS V1.3 EDS for CANopen


PMA Tune V2.1 Advanced tuning software for BluePort controllers


ET/Uniflex CI/CB V2.1 SR3
ET/Uniflex R/T C1


RM 204 Control V1.0 Helpware
RM203 Control V1.01 Helpware
RM202 GSD V2.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS
RM201 EDS V1.27 EDS file for CANopen


DC150 GSD V1.0 GSD file for PROFIBUS


VarioConfigurator V1.4 Configuration software for vario I/O system

PMA Relay Configuration Tool (PowerController/Thyristor)

PMA Relay Configurator V5.5.0.6 Configuration software for PMA Relay Platform


DV5PCPAK V1.0 DataVU 5 recorder, includes setup, communication and evaluation software
PCA3000 + PCC V3.33 Software for communication and evaluation. For DataVU5, DataVU7, KS3002, KS3012.
Setup DataVU7 V4.05 Setup software for DataVU7.

Software for Accessories

Name Version Description


USB driver for CONV RS485 converter cable - suitable for BluePort range and KS20.