CAL Digital Thermostats

Thermostat and Defrost Thermostat Devices

CAL offers a complete range of thermostats for a variety of heating or cooling applications. Our thermostats are small format devices used to improve performance and efficiency of refrigeration and heating applications. This family of thermostats also includes indicators and timers for associated monitoring and control needs. The units are easy to configure and use, have a large clear display with a simple user interface, and a high ingress protection-rated casing. CAL Thermostats offer precision monitoring of temperatures within ovens, fryers, refrigerators, and other chillers.

Defrost Thermostat

Within this CAL thermostat family, you will find digital thermostats and defrost thermostats. Available with NTC, thermocouple or PT100 sensor inputs and up to two outputs for control and alarms, our digital thermostats are ideal for heating or cooling applications. Additionally, defrost thermostats have the capability to support timed, electric and hot gas type defrost methods. These units have up to two NTC sensor inputs and three outputs for compressor, defrost and fan control. Defrost is a common feature necessary in many refrigeration systems, from commercial cold storage to industrial processes, thermostats eliminate frost build up on evaporators.

At-A-Glance | The CAL Thermostat Range

ET2011 ET2001 ET2411 ET2412
ET2001 digital thermostat ET2411 digital thermostat ET2412 digital thermostat
35 x 77mm (29 x 71mm cut out)
Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat
Input Type Thermocouple (J,K,T,S,R)
or PT100
Thermocouple (J) NTC NTC
Relay Outputs 1 1 1 2
SSR Outputs 1 0 0 0
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EDT2411 EDT2412 EDT2423
35 x 77mm (29 x 71mm cut out)
Defrost Thermostat Defrost Thermostat Defrost Thermostat
Input Type NTC x 1 NTC x 1 NTC x 2
No. of Relay Outputs 1 2 3
No. of SSR Outputs 0 0 0
Defrost Output
Fan Output
Defrost Sensor Output
CAL-Key Flash Memory Programming
Real-Time Clock Option
RS 485 Modbus Communications Option
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