Whitepapers are regularly relied upon by customers to help them make informed decisions about key issues and opportunities in temperature control. As a result West Control Solutions is dedicated to building up a library of free of charge whitepapers. Please follow the links below to open the white paper PDFs and read more. 

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5 Reasons to use a temperature controller over a PLC       This Feature Article assesses the benefits of using a Temperature Controller over a Programmable Logic Controller. Ask a Question

Controller Specification

This whitepaper will walk you through the different criteria to consider when choosing your controller, helping you identify where cost savings may be possible as well as recognizing which features will be essential for your application. Ask a Question

Improving Process Quality with Cascade Control                             

This whitepaper looks at why we need cascade control, provides some examples of temperature control applications which use cascade control and discusses how the process can be stabilized and product quality improved.

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Why Use Limit Devices in Temperature Control Applications

This whitepaper explains why limit devices are used in certain ypes of temperature control applications. Ask a Question

The Changing Face of Temperature Control

This paper looks at how the development of technology has reacted to the changing demands of its customers to create powerful new solutions.

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Improving Efficiency with Controller Calibration

This paper explains the basics of input calibration and sets out some of the benefits that can be achieved. Ask a Question

Customised Control for Competitive Advantage

This white paper looks at how OEMs can gain genuine competitive advantage by differentiating their products with customised temperature and process controls. Ask a Question

Choosing a Temperature Control Partner - 8 Top Tips

This whitepaper provides 8 top tips on key considerations when choosing a temperature control partner. Ask a Question