West Products | Software

Name Version Description

P Series Configurator

V4.13 PC configuration software for all West Plus Series controllers.
N8800/8840 Configurator Software V2.0 PC configuration software for the N8800 & N8840 controllers


N6400 Configuration V2.0 Legacy PC configuration software for N6400 profiler (Win3.1 to Win98)
N4400 Configuration V5.0 Legacy PC configuration software for N4400 profiler (Win3.1 to Win98)

MLC 9000+

Workshop Software V1.0.4 MLC 9000+ workshop configuration software 

Profibus Approval GSD File

Rev.2 MLC 9000+ Profibus GSD file for approved module

Pro Series

BlueControl V3.6 SR6 Engineering Tool for West Pro Series controllers
BlueControl Datasheet 51213 Datasheet for BlueControl software

Software for Accessories

Name Version Description


USB driver for CONV RS485 converter cable - suitable for P-seriesand ProEC44.