PMA Relay - Thyristor Power Controller Range

West Control Solutions offers a family of thyristor power controllers built robust and well suited for industrial applications. Thyristor devices are ideal for power control in heating applications because of their long-life span, surge withstand capability, and ability to operate in high temperatures.

West Control Solutions provides single, double, and triple phase power controllers, the compact design and low wiring costs is only the highlight of what our power controllers have to offer. Other features include zero crossing or burst firing mode, heater break alarm and easy access to internal fuses, and more. Certifications such as CE and UL are also options.

Whether the load is constant or variable resistance, inductive or transformer coupled, single or three phases, we have the right thyristor power controller to meet your exact requirements. Thyristor units start at 3A, with numerous sizes up to 2600A and 690Vac.

Relay C Advanced Power Controller

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Relay S Basic Power Controller

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Single Phase Thyristors


Two Phase Thyristors


Three Phase Thyristors


Alternatively if you would like a snapshot look at our thyristor product range please download the Thyristor Range Overview here.


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