Replacing CAL 630.2JG or 630.2JD

The YFC6302JG and YFC6302JD CAL 6000 series controllers had the following spec:
Front of panel mounting, 1/16 Din size (48x48mm).
SPST Output Relay, rated for 10 amps at 240V.
Supply voltage 230VAC nominal
Input J type thermocouple: YFC6302JG=50 to 250°C and YFC6302JG=50 to 400°C

With the exception of the output relay rating, the CAL99112C could replace the old product.
IMPORTANT: The 9900 relay is only rated for 5 amps. If the load being switched is greater than 5 amps, you must to fit a larger “interposing” relay between the 9900 and the load.