The ‘RUN’ push button is not responding on West N6400

The 6400 profiler can use the optional digital input (terminals 11 &12 if fitted) as an external program Run/Hold function input.
If this is selected, the front RUN key will not work normally. It cannot be used to RUN or to HOLD the profiles**.

Note: It is possible to select the Run/Hold function even if the digital input option is not fitted. In this case the RUN key would stop working, and no profiles could be run until the setting is corrected.

Check the OPtn screen in Hardware Definition Mode. If it says “rrun” the external Run/Hold has been selected. Set OPtn to “none” if you wish to use the keypad to control the profiles.

** When using the external Run/Hold option, the RUN key can still be used to abort a program (end it before it has finished) by holding down RUN for >5 seconds.