CAL 9500P Programmable Controllers

CAL 9500P Temperature and Process Programmable ControllerThe CAL 9500P is a sophisticated, progammable process controller from the CAL range of temperature control products.

The profiler is an extremely flexible instrument as it provides functionality for up to 31 programs (profiles), each with up to 126 segments. Profiles can be created easily on both the front panel and via its own datalogging software, CALgrafix.

The software offers a useful drag and drop feature to create profiles quickly and easily.  Furthermore if the same profile is required on multiple instruments then the settings can be cloned allowing for a much faster set up and configuration.


CAL 9500P Profiles and Segments - Temperature Control Ian Collins - Product Manager at West Control Solutions says,

When the CAL9500P temperature controller is used in conjunction with our CALgrafix software it can greatly enhance temperature control, monitoring and recording within complex manufacturing processes and automation systems.



Temperature Control Applications 

The temperature and process controller is a 1/16th DIN size (48 x 48mm) and offers a 2 line LED display for excellent visibility. This makes the controller an excellent fit for heat treatment applications such as plastics, extrusion and packaging. Due to the well designed, aesthetically pleasing look of the controller it is also regularly used in laboratory environments and with testing equipment such as environmental chambers, water baths and incubators

The 9500P profiler and controller provides advanced functionality for temperature and process control applications at an affordable price. 

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