Latest video from West Control Solutions provides advice on temperature control alarms

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in Applications on 21 January 2014

Global specialist in process and temperature control West Control Solutions has unveiled its latest video guide for customers, which promotes best practice. The new guide provides essential advice and a number of handy tips on using alarms for temperature control systems.

The ten-minute video provides a useful run-through of the different types of alarms featured on in the extensive West Control Solutions product range of temperature controllers. It starts at a basic level by explaining what the main alarm options are, what control deviation is and the differences between relative and absolute values. It then delves further to explore different applications, providing tips on how alarms can be tailored and used to suit customers’ individual needs. The video also examines how alarms relate on different levels to physical outputs.

Different Types of Alarms

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Unique to the industry, the West Control Solutions video series is a pioneering way to help customers to get the best value out of their temperature control technology. Each short video answers frequently asked questions and provides a step-by-step guide on ensuring best practice. The videos are part of West Control’s on-going commitment to providing quality service to its customers.

The videos can be viewed at the West Control Solutions YouTube channel:

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