COVID-19 Situation Update

Posted by Tim Cox in on 31 March 2020

The evolving COVID-19 situation has certainly created uncertainty and anxiety around the world for all of us. Across Gems Sensors and Controls and West Control Solutions our first concern is for the health and safety of all our stakeholders -- our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and their families and communities.

It is important that we take this opportunity to share how we are approaching the situation at Gems Sensors and West Control Solutions. We are taking all recommended and appropriate precautions, in cooperation with government agencies, to attempt to control the spread of the virus and take care of each other across our global footprint.

We have established work-from-home policies and travel restrictions across the board. Also, a global cross-functional response team and regional response teams around the world are actively working on mitigation plans. These teams are meeting daily to take actions designed to protect the safety and welfare of our team, support our communities as they manage through the crisis, and preserve business continuity for our customers.

Because we provide essential technology under both our Gems Sensors and West Control Solutions brands, serving applications in medical, healthcare, food and beverage, utilities, national defence, transportation and other critical parts of our global infrastructure, it is our responsibility to continue operations in full while we take steps to ensure the safety of our associates and stakeholders. As a supplier of essential technology during the current COVID-19 situation, our factories and facilities around the world remain operational and focused on supplying essential components to our customers.

We are dedicated to taking care of your needs. To that end, we are assessing the impact on our businesses and factories around the world on an ongoing basis. This includes daily evaluations of our operational agility and readiness across our factory footprint, along with a daily health assessment of our various supply chains supporting our factories so that we can continue to deliver products to our customers.

Please stay in touch with us; let us know how we can help you through this difficult time. You are an integral part of our business. We value our partnership and know that by working together, as one team, we can successfully navigate this unprecedented situation and come out stronger on the other side.

Wishing everyone good health and safety during these times,

Gems Sensors and Controls / West Control Solutions