New Range of Thermostats Improves Performance for Refrigeration and Heating Applications

Posted by Ian Collins, Product Manager in on 06 June 2014

West Control Solutions has launched the CAL Thermostats family, a range of easy-to-use temperature thermostats that improve performance and efficiency for food and beverage manufacturers. With a simple user interface, large clear display and a high ingress protection-rated casing, CAL Thermostats offer precision monitoring of temperatures within ovens, fryers, refrigerators and other chillers.

The CAL ET2011 digital thermostat is an easily programmable standard thermostat for heating or cooling control, with a 4-digit display. A simple panel clamp enables quick installation and release, while a range of input options for thermocouples or PT100 provides capability to meet a wide range of application requirements. The automatic, ‘self-tuning’ calculation of PID parameters, soft-start functionality and the option for relay or SSR output to be assigned as the main control output all contribute to the flexibility and efficiency of the instrument.

For refrigeration applications where defrost is required, the CAL EDT defrost thermostats offer different output options for compressor defrost or fan control, up to two NTC thermistor sensor inputs and an option for an external digital input to trigger a defrost event. The devices support different defrost cycles: compressor shutdown, electric or hot gas defrost cycles. Fast set-up is enabled using the “CAL key”, a flash memory key that allows configuration settings to be copied from a master device to any further devices that share the same configuration, saving time and ensuring commissioning or down time is minimised. An RS485 option is available for monitoring and reporting, while a real-time clock for initiating the defrost cycle at a specific time of day.

The CAL thermostat range provides an aesthetically-pleasing design featuring a large display that is ideal for both industrial and non-industrial applications.


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