Recycling Report - 19 Trees Saved

Posted by Steve Allen, Supply Chain Manager in Company on 11 February 2013

At West Control Solutions we are highly aware of environmental issues. Due to this we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment. One key way that we can achieve this is through our commitment to recycling.

Throughout the company recycling points are provided for all departments and staff, this encourages every associate to get involved and recycle. Materials including paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastics and food.

Recycling ReportFor Q4 2012 West Control Solutions is delighted to announce that we have significantly increased our level of recycling at the Brighton site by 86%, from 2090 kg in Q3 to 3,870 kg in Q4. This is an equivalent increase of 10 trees saved in Q3 to 19 trees saved in Q4*.

*‘Trees saved' calculation uses a figure of 17 trees saved for every tonne of white paper and 12 trees for every tonne of mixed paper. Cardboard recycling does not save trees, only CO2.
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