West Control Solutions introduces PMA Relay C thyristor power controller

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 12 November 2019

West Control Solutions introduces PMA Relay C, the newest addition to their thyristor power controller series. Relay C offers advanced load management for single, double, or triple phases up to 800A. This power controller is designed with enhanced capability for a wide range of firing modes, improved performance, protection, monitoring and connectivity. The range supports connection to a user-friendly commissioning tool for maximum visibility.

Relay C newsKeep your Relay C connected with the outside world via popular protocols including Modbus® RTU, Ethernet TCP, Profibus®, Profinet® and a USB port for local data transfer.

These and other qualities provide resistive, inductive loads and infrared lamps with short to long waveform.

Integrated with every Relay C controller is a super-fast fuse, the thyristor and a current transformer. To access the fuse and thyristor, you simply open the front panel door. Designed and built as a single unit not only helps reduce the overall space and time to mount and connect separate fuses, but it also ensures that all testing is carried out correctly and guaranteed to the specifications. For easy diagnostic and configuration, Relay C also hosts an OLED display.

The all new Thyristor Configurator Software allows you to configure products, such as Relay C, quickly and easily by using the FAST MODE. Depending on your application requirements, you can accept or make manual adjustments and, when ready, download direct to Relay C. The new software also includes a test page, useful for finding issues or fine tuning, a load analyzer that provides real-time information of the output waveform, and process variable logging.

Relay C diagram

Dimensions for Relay C are smaller due to several great features. Fuses are mounted inside of the thyristor unit rather than using additional space externally. Our heat sinks have a very high efficiency thermal resistance. The unit design with internal fuses also results in slightly longer heat sinks and increases heat dissipation efficiency and more. Relay C is designed and tested to comply with CE and is cULus® 508 and cUL® listed.

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