West Control Solutions saves 36 Trees in Q.3, 2013

Posted by Bryony Hamm, Marketing Assistant in Company on 15 October 2013

A continued commitment to reducing the impact on the environment has seen West Control Solutions save a further 36 trees.

The head office in Brighton, UK is driving efforts the company’s green efforts. The total CO2 saved between 1st July – 30th September 2013 was 7,850 kg which was an increase of 32% from the previous quarter. The CO2 saved calculation is based on CO2 saved by recycling waste rather than sending it to landfill and uses data provided by Waste & Resources Action Programme, 2006 (WRAP).

*‘Trees saved' calculation uses a figure of 17 trees saved for every tonne of white paper and 12 trees for every tonne of mixed paper. Cardboard recycling does not save trees, only CO2.

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