West Control Solutions Video Explains Valve Motor Drive Control Set Up on the New Pro-EC44 Controller

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing & Inside Sales Manager in on 17 October 2014

West Control Solutions has launched the latest in its series of video guides that help customers to install and utilise the most efficient temperature control solutions available. The new video explains how to set up Valve Motor Drive (VMD) control which uses a three-point-stepping control algorithm on the Pro-EC44 single/dual loop process controller.

The video offers clear instructions on how to programme the Pro-EC44 for VMD, from simple procedures such as accessing the main menu through to selecting and defining configuration and control modes. Viewers will be able to see how the valve motor drive settings are accessed via the keypad to adjust the motor travel time, minimum motor on time and the procedure for manual opening or closing of the valve after a ‘sensor’ break alarm action.

The video will be a valuable tool to aid manufacturers in the correct and appropriate programming of the Pro-EC44, resulting in a reduced risk of end product waste and a more efficient system.

The Pro-EC44 provides dual loop control and up to five PID sets for gain scheduling and cascade control. It is the perfect temperature control solution for a wide range of challenging applications, from industrial ovens and furnaces, laboratory and testing equipment to food and beverage processing.

West Control Solutions’ video series has been designed to assist those working with temperature control applications. They provide a valuable learning resource to better understand the different types of control functionality available and when it is appropriate to use. Previous videos in the sequence have covered topics such as alarm functions and considering different types of control such as On/Off, Proportional and PID and, as companions to the EC44 Valve Motor Drive video, exploration of How to Set Ratio Control and Cascade Control on the EC44.

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