West Control Solutions video enhances process quality

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing & Inside Sales Manager in Products on 24 November 2014

The global specialist in temperature control, West Control Solutions has released a new video that outlines the benefits for users of Multizone Control and how it can be utilised to enhance process quality and prevent error.

Ian Collins, Product Manager at West Control Solutions, looks at when multizone control is used, the different ways that multizone control can be set up and how this enables users to achieve a constant desired temperature in production.

Multizone Control achieves stability and assured temperature throughout a process via separate sensors and heaters placed at multiple zones within the system, each controlled independently.Ian Collins explains how multizone control works, giving practical examples of how different systems’ requirements may vary.

In a multizone control system there are a variety of instruments and methods that can be used for the transmission of zone setpoints and to control the zone temperature. Ian considers the benefits and limitations of these different approaches and provides guidance on best practise to ensure optimum product quality, while minimizing error and reducing the associated costs.

West Control Solutions supplies a range of panel mounted and modular, din rail mounted, easy-to-install multi-loop controllers that deliver the perfect temperature control solution for applications such as environmental chambers, industrial furnaces and ovens, chiller systems, laboratory and test equipment, food and beverage processing and beyond.

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