How to set up the MAXVU controller in 60 seconds

In this video, we show you how to set up the MAXVU temperature controller in just 60 seconds!

With fast set up and easy operation from a compact unit, MAXVU is ideal for avoiding potentially expensive and complicated over-specification of a temperature controller when only the fundamental control elements are required.


Hi, in this video, we go through the setup of the new MAXVU controller, in 60 seconds.

Initially we will set up the input to g type thermocouple.

Output 1 we will set to heat.

Output 2 we will select that as cool.

Output 3 we will set as alarm 1, which is a high-level alarm as default.

Alarm 1 will now set as 255 degrees.

Alarm 2 we will skip through, is it not used.

We will set the setpoint to 250 degrees.

And then, we will select pre-tune, and then go back to operation mode

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