MAXVU Controller

West Control Solutions, the global specialist in process and temperature control, has launched MAXVU, a cost-effective controller with an extremely speedy set up that can be achieved within 60 seconds.

With fast set up and easy operation from a compact unit, MAXVU is ideal for avoiding potentially expensive and complicated over-specification of a temperature controller when only the fundamental control elements are required.


If you are looking for a simple temperature controller that is quick to set up and easy to program in many different applications then MaxVU is for you, here's why in just 60 seconds.

MaxVU is so simple to program you can be up and running in just 60 seconds, with its robust construction, outstanding design and 36 months warranty, MaxVU is built to go on working reliably year after year.

At just 67 millimeters in depth MaxVU is small and compact and designed for quick installation.

MaxVU also has a large clear display that can be seen over a wide viewing angle making it easy to check instantly from across the factory floor.

Maxvu is made by West control solutions with millions of temperature controllers in use around the world so we know about temperature.

In fact, it's our core business, so choosing West Control Solutions will give you total peace of mind.

best of all MaxVU is one of the most competitively priced units on the market and is available now for both OAM and end-user applications.

That's MaxVU for you in just 60 seconds, to order a sample unit call us today or follow the links below to download the latest max view technical and customer support materials.

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