Temperature Controllers for Food & Beverage

Auto-tuning PID Temperature Controllers

The CAL series of temperature controllers are ideal for use in food and beverage applications including but not limited to pizza ovens, bakery ovens, chillers and packaging.

CAL Temperature Controllers, 3300, 9300, 9400, 9500,

Integrated auto-tune makes P.I.D. control simple and efficient, while the unique dAC function minimises overshoot problems associated with conventional P.I.D. Controllers.

In addition to general controllers, the CAL9500P is a uniquely versatile and affordable programmable controller for temperature and process control applications. It is designed to offer the optimum functionality with up to 31 programs (profiles) and up to 126 segments.

The controllers all offer complimentary data logging software through CALGrafix Data logging software.

Key features and benefits:
  • Good control at low temperatures
  • Minimal overshoot
  • Excellent reliability
  • Clear LED display
  • High visibility alarm (7 segment message)
  • Simple, user friendly set up menus with minimal settings
  • Positive feedback rubber buttons
  • Datalogging software


Single Loop DIN Controllers

3300-Single-Loop-Controller-t.gif 9300 - 1/16th DIN Temperature Controller 9400 - 1/16th DINTemperature Controller 9500 - 1/16th DIN Temperature Controller
3300 9300 9400 9500
Temperature Controller Temperature Controller Temperature Controller Profiling & Process Controller
1/32nd DIN 1/16th DIN 1/16th DIN 1/16th DIN
48 x 24mm 48 x 48mm 48 x 48mm 48 x 48mm
1 x 4 Digit LED 1 x 4 Digit LED 2 x 4 Digit LED 2 x 4 Digit LED
Visit the CAL3300 Product Page Visit the CAL9300 Product Page Visit the CAL9400 Product Page Visit the CAL9500 Product Page

Multi-loop DIN Controllers

CALogix Multi-loop Controller
Multi-loop Controller
DIN Rail Mounted
75mm x 140mm x 60mm (HxWxD)
PID, ON/OFF, Manual, Alarm, Profiling, Multi-loop, Logic functions
Visit the CALogix Product Page
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