Obsolete CALogix Multi-loop Temp Controller


CALogix is a modular system that consists of a DIN-rail mounted base unit and up to 4 control modules. PID and logic modules can be added to the base unit in any configuration ensuring the exact requirements of your application can be met. CALogix is sub panel mounted which means that CALogix can be easily integrated within a system that has a central user interface. This could be an operator panel or a PC running an OPC based SCADA system or your own custom software.

CALogix-sw is a software configuration tool that allows simple setting of the controllers. A graphical interface gives current process value and set-point data for each PID module. Structured drop down menus provide a simple platform for configuring all functions within the controller. Logic programming can be created to integrate with PID control. Timers, counters, Boolean and comparator function blocks are used to link inputs, outputs and PID for enhanced system control.

CALogix provides cost-effective multi-loop control in many applications including plastics machines, automated control systems, analytical systems, environmental chambers, ovens, kilns, furnaces, packaging equipment and many other temperature and process control applications.

This product is obsolete. Please refer to the MLC9000+ as an alternative multi loop temperature controller