New features added to KS98-2 for Firmware 2.0

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 21 January 2019

West Control Solutions’ newest release, PMA KS98-2 Firmware 2.0, offers Firmware upgrades such as intuitive touch screen operation, data logging, and Profinet. New features allow this multi-function device to continue to excel in its many control applications.

KS98 2 firmware 2.0 touch For the best user experience, WCS added an intuitive touch screen operation.
This technology is similar to smart devices such as your phone and tablet. Users can more quickly and efficiently operate the KS98-2 controller with a full touch screen.
KS98 2 firmware 2.0 datalogging3 Additionally, KS98-2 Firmware 2.0 offers data logging to monitor critical
process parameters long term. A dedicated utility can upload the data to compile that information into reports. With this addition, the KS98-2 multi-function controller allows users to gain detailed information about the performance of their process and to provide reports when requested.
KS98 2 firmware 2.0 feature profinet PMA also included Profinet support in the KS98-2 Firmware upgrade. This addition ensures the KS98-2’s interoperability with Profinet industrial Ethernet communication networks. The efficiency provided by Profinet networks ensures the user’s available resources are optimized to increase productivity of the entire system. 

 For existing devices, Firmware can be updated using PMA BlueFlasher. This utility allows existing devices to benefit from new features or performance enhancements developed after they are installed in the field. 

The KS 98-2 is designed for applications that require PID (Proportional- Integral-Derivative) control, process monitoring, sequence control, data logging and alarms. The KS98-2 is a complete solution in a single unit. It offers hardware flexibility, easy creation of applications and programmable functionality.

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