Multi-Function Controller for Inline Blending

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 26 June 2018

KS98 2 limit screen news1Inline blending is a unique process that takes a defined quantity of different materials and precisely blends them based on ratio. This process is used to create a final product in industries such as Oil and Gas. The new KS 98- 2 is a multi-function controller that successfully creates products by the process of inline blending. This single unit measures, controls, calculates and records.
The KS 98-2 employs ratio control to blend various materials together. When a disturbance in the flow of material occurs, the KS 98-2 has capability to adjust accordingly. It is critical to have a system that reacts to disturbance in industries such as the Oil and Gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage and animal feed. Otherwise, the wrong ratio of materials is mixed together and the final product could wreak havoc for you.

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To accurately program the KS 98- 2 for your inline blending process, you will need a USB cable. It is a very quick and simple task. The easy and time saving programming of the KS 98-2 means less downtime and more cost savings. It is also equipped with a predefined library of function blocks that enables the controller to quickly and effectively develop a configuration that is custom to your application. Functions such as 6-line text display, trend display, and bar graphs allows the user interface to be customizable to your application as well.
The KS 98-2 is a quick and effective solution for multi-function controlling in inline blending applications and combines multi- loop control, sophisticated process control, ratio control and complete automation of small or large applications in one unit.

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