Introducing KS98-2

KS98 2 Profiler screen LP

KS 98-2 Multi-function Controller

PMA’s multi-function instrument KS 98-2 combines PID control, process monitoring, sequence control, data logging and alarms.

As a complete solution in a single unit, the KS 98-2 multi-function instrument helps to reduce programming, installation cost and control cabinet space. 

Automation made easy

Hardware flexibility - fully adaptable with up to 12 internal I/O-modules
Easy creation of applications for simple and complex tasks - function blocks from an extensive library can be used to build an application by easily selecting and connecting the blocks graphically using the “ET/KS98”-utility
Programmable functionality - reliable sophisticated control strategies proven in many applications available from our function block library



Key Features and Benefits of KS98-2

  • Modular automation system in a 1/4-DIN (96 x 96mm)

  • Measure, control, calculate, and record

  • Process visualization, operation, alarm and alerts

  • Comprehensive application-oriented functionality

  • Graphical programming utility with simulator

  • 3.5 ” colour touch-screen display

  • USB interface on front fascia

  • Expandable with modular inputs and outputs

  • Ethernet and common fieldbuses

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KS98-2 Applications

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