New and improved user interface for KS98-2

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 24 May 2019

KS98 2 Profiler screen LPNew and improved user interface features include programmable screen dialogues and application-oriented compilations of information. With the new Firmware, the highly praised KS98-2 is an even better choice for OEMs and system integrators as it now combines its well-known range of functions for more flexibility with enhanced user interface capabilities.

Programmable screen dialogues allow OEMs to improve the user- interface of their installations substantially. Paired with the capability to access application-oriented compilations of information, KS98-2 allows system integrators to create screens that are more user- friendly, rather than technical. In other words, text and data are now replaced with images and icons to allow for quick and efficient use.

KS98-2 interface upgrades also offer a migration path for old installations to the digital industry as it sits in traditional ¼-DIN housing, but it is flexible like a PLC and fully network accessible.

Interface upgrades provide operators with a more sophisticated multi-function device to serve a wide- variety of control applications. The WCS team is continuously working to offer the most optimized process controllers in the industry. Contact Us to discuss how KS98-2 can manage your process or control application.

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