New Managing Director

Posted by Chloë Garrett, Marketing Communications Manager in Company on 02 October 2012

We are delighted to announce that David Allen joined our team as our new Managing Director.

David Allen, Managing DirectorDavid has more than ten years’ experience within our parent company, Danaher, and most recently led worldwide marketing for Gems Sensors, a sister company of West Control Solutions.

“I see a great opportunity for our team, both in Brighton and in Kassel, to grow our business and provide excellent support to our customers and channel partners,” said Mr. Allen.

“Our deep expertise in core temperature technology will be complemented by a clear focus on providing both next-generation standard products as well as custom and configurable products to our OEMs and distributors. As I learn more about the temperature control business, I am and will be meeting with many of our key customers in the coming months.”

“The dedicated efforts of our operations team have substantially improved both product quality and delivery over 2012. With this strong foundation, I am currently focused on strengthening our leadership team, both commercially and in engineering, so we can take today’s products to more customers, as well as accelerate the pace of product innovation."