TB 40-1 Temperature Limiter Update

Posted by Ian Collins in Products on 16 May 2012

Changes to the usage of the TB40-1

According to EN14597 (2009-1), from the 1st January 2012, the device with the known designs / code numbers, TB 40-1 can no longer be used as a temperature TB, but only used as a temperature monitor TW. 

Thus the TB can be used as a temperature limiter TB 40-1, the device code numbers have been added to version 2, see Appendix.

The detailed reasons behind this are on the TB 40-1 Limit Controller under the updates tab.

Because only you know your application in detail and the safety concept of your machine / system, only you determine the correct device model / code number from the adjoining Sales Info / code number list.

Please verify that you in your application / use in your safety concept is a temperatureor a temperature monitor must define and, if necessary, new orders for your next TB 40-1, the order code number.

If you have further questions regarding the specification change please request technical support and a member of the team will discuss how this affects your requirements in more detail. 

Thank you for your support!

Technical Support

Would you like more advice on the specification changes to TB 40-1? 

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