Temp Controller offers manufacturers more functionality

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in Applications on 20 March 2015

How can manufacturers of benchtop batch ovens meet their end users’ varying demands for functionality without suffering from increasing associated manufacturing and inventory costs.

A new application note, released by West Control Solutions, looks at the typical applications for benchtop ovens and the end users’ varying temperature control requirements. It discusses the challenges that these varying demands place on benchtop oven OEMs.

The application note looks at how the Pro-16 temperature controller with its built-in programmer functionality can be used to meet a range of end users’ temperature control requirements with just one control component, thus reducing the need for dual manufacturing cells whilst also helping to reduce the amount of inventory needing to be held.

The new Pro-16 controller provides traditional single loop control for standard applications whilst also including a in-built programmer with 16 segments and up to 16 profiles. By holding just one model of controller in stock, oven manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings for inventory. Additional product features include 2 PID sets for increased control as well as offering a high level of I/O with up to four digital inputs and six outputs available.



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