Wine Controllers

Vinireg+ and Oenoreg+

Vinireg+ and Oenoreg+ are purpose-designed controllers for the wine industry. With intuitive user operation, dedicated buttons and clear display, the controller offers improved efficiency and fewer operator errors.

The controllers are easy to set up and install, with no costly and time consuming programming needed. This in turn leads to faster maintenance changes to minimize the risk of waste and reduce overall costs.


General Features and Benefits

  • Front panel mounted in 1/16 DIN (48 x 48mm) and 1/8 DIN (96 x 48mm) formats (HxW)
  • Temperature shown upper display, desired setpoint on lower display
  • Controllers are treated for high humidity protection to improve reliability
  • Simple operation with 4 keys
  • - HEAT and COOL ON/OFF control
    - Temperature adjust UP or DOWN
  • Temperature ramp rate setting
    - Prevents heating up or cooling down too quickly
  • Option modules for easy on-site upgrade or maintenance.
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Key Features

Vinireg+ Oenoreg+
Front Panel Size 1/16 DIN (48 x 48mm) 1/16 DIN (48 x 48mm) or 1/8 DIN (96 x 48mm)
Input sensor types supported Themocouple (J, K, C, R, S, T, B, L, N)  or PT100 Themocouple (J, K, C, R, S, T, B, L, N)  or PT100
Digital Input to select Hot or Cold
water circuit
Yes No
Remote signal input - wine density No Yes
Number of Control Outputs (max) 1 2
Number of Process Alarms (max)
2 1
Wine Density Alarm 0 1
Number of selectable Setpoints
1 1 or 2

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