Introduction to MAXVU Rail

MAXVU Rail is a compact DIN-rail mount temperature controller/transmitter and limiter range for general industrial and scientific equipment requiring a reduced back panel footprint, centralised control or minimal front panel components.


Introducing MAXVU Rail from West Control Solutions. MAXVU Rail fills the gap for behind panel process devices.

Based on our popular MAXVU panel mount controller, the new DIN rail version is an affordable controller, limiter or transmitter, suitable for many industrial or laboratory applications.

A high-contrast OLED display gives you clear definition, and a wide viewing angle for setup. It is incredibly easy to read, whether it is in strong sunlight, or a dark control panel.

MAXVU Rail provides a wide range of options within a single family.

A controller, for temperature regulation.

A transmitter, for process monitoring.

And a limiter, for machine protection.

The devices can be used standalone, or integrated within a wider system via communications.

MAXVU Rail is designed to save you installation time. It enables quick and easy setup, with minimal steps via the short user menu.

To simplify further setup can also be carried out from a PC using our MAXVU software, connected via the easy access configuration port.

Our logical tab driven interface offers a setup wizard for fast and simple configuration in multiple languages.

MAXVU Rail is the ideal temperature device for OEM and End User application


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