The Pro Series of Temperature Controllers from West

Welcome to the exciting new range of temperature controllers from West Control Solutions.

The West Pro Series has been specifically designed to meet the challenging industrial and scientific temperature control application requirements through a high level of I/O, advanced control capability and offering the best-in-class configuration software, Blue Control©.

West Pro Series of Temperature Controllers

Optimized Precision & Stability for Temperature Control

Do you need a superior level of temperature control with plenty of flexible options? Then the Pro Series is ideal for you. The range consists of three controllers:

All three of the units offer two PID sets for enhanced reliability, stability and control over a wide setpoint range and separate PID for heat and cool strategies.

Flexible Temperature Control Functionality

The West Pro series offer a range of different temperature control functionality including:

  • On/Off
  • PID Heat Only (2-point control)
  • Heat/Cool (3-point control)
  • VMD (3-point stepping control)

Non linear cooling strategies are also available which is especially popular for oil, water and fan cooling applications.
Furthermore the Pro-8 controller includes soft start and heater boost functionality.

Unrivalled Configuration and Simulation Software

BlueControl© configuration and simulation software

A further benefit with the new West Pro Series of controllers is the best-in-class configuration and simulation software, BlueControl©.

BlueControl© offers a range of advantages to users of West Pro Series controllers including the fast set up of parameters and the ability to clone other devices (especially useful for OEMs). A distinct advantage with BlueControl© is the ability to use the sophisticated simulation environment to test settings in a virtual environment before pushing live. For more details on the  software please download the brochure. 

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